Friday, February 18, 2011

Old Spice

Today when I picked up Zayd and Ethan from their after-school program, Zayd pulled me aside and cupped his hand over his mouth to whisper in my ear.

Zayd: Uhm... I'm scared for Thursday (he whispers).

Me: (I whisper back) Why?

Zayd: Because. Thursday is the puberty talk (he whispers).

I stand up and say in a normal voice...

Me: Well that shouldn't be scary, should it?

We start heading out the door to the car.

Zayd: Well... kinda.

Me: But you already know about all that stuff. We've already talked to you about this.

Zayd: I know.

Me: So why are you scared?

Zayd: Because the other talk was the Talk talk. THIS talk is about puberty.


Me: And you think the puberty talk is going to be worse than the Talk talk?

Zayd: Oh my God. (He stops in his tracks and stares at me). I hope not.

Me: Well then... what's to be scared of?

Zayd: I don't know... (his voice trails off).


Zayd: But they want us to discuss it.

Me: Who wants you to discuss what?

Zayd: The nurse who is coming to talk about puberty. She wants us to ask questions and have a discussion.

Me: Hmmmm...

Zayd: That sounds uncomfortable.

Me: Well then, don't discuss. Just listen.

Zayd: Yeah. But that's uncomfortable too. Kinda.

Me: It'll be fine.

By now we are driving home. We drive in silence for a few minutes and then he says...

Zayd: However. There is one great thing about this puberty talk.

Me: What's that?

Zayd: We get free deodorant.


Me: Free deodorant.

Zayd: Not just any free deodorant. Old Spice.


Zayd: God. I'm really excited now.