Friday, February 22, 2013

What's Italy?

Some random comments from the boys when Paul and I announced that we were taking everyone to Italy:


Ethan: Are there roller coasters there?

Me: No.

Ethan: Is there a waterpark?

Me: Ahhh.... no.

Ethan: Will our hotel have a pool?

Me: No.

Ethan: Well WHAT the heck are we going to DO there?


Zayd: Uh... I don't know how I feel about going somewhere where everything is in a different language.

Me: It will be cool! We'll learn some Italian and there will be people who speak English.

Zayd: We won't learn enough Italian.

Me: We'll learn enough to get by. Between that and acting things out, we will be fine.

Zayd: But EVERYTHING will be in Italian. Even the menus!

Me: Think of it as an adventure.


Zayd: I hate adventures.


Evan: But we have to fly over the ocean.

Me: Yes. We can't get around that.

Evan: I don't know if I like that.

Me: Well... if you want to go to Italy you'll need to fly over the ocean. We aren't taking a ship.

Evan: It kinda creeps me out. Just out there with nothing but ocean. I mean - what if we crash.


Me: Well, think of it this way - if we crash into the ocean, it will be a lot softer than if we crash into the ground.

Evan: Thanks mom. That helps.


Zach: Huh. Cool.


Zach: I'm going over to Jake's house now, k?

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  1. If they don't want to can take me!! Have a GREAT time!