Monday, February 16, 2009

5th Grade Crush and Penguins

So - I'm not sure what makes me want to cry more. The fact that my 10-year-old has a crush on a little girl, or the fact that he was willing to tell me all about it...

My 10-year-old decided to profess his affection to the girl he liked on Feb. 13 by putting a note in her locker at the end of the day.

He told the girl that he liked his plan... before she even knew it was her.

All day long, this little girl was anxious to find out who my son liked.  Just before school let out, he asked the little girl to help carry his skates to his locker. She followed him up and down the lockers to see where he would drop off the note. He then turned to her and spelled out: "Y-O-U" just as the last bell rang and then ran off.

She stood there with a confused look on her face. He didn't stay long enough to find out if the feeling was mutual.

Well... she had her own way of telling him that she liked him too. Today the two of them met playing "Club Penguin." (For those of you who don't have children old enough to play -- it's like a Second Life kind of game for kids... except they are all penguins. It's harmless. Most of the time they all just walk around the ice not acknowledging each other). 

Anyways... her penguin came over to his penguin and said -- "I like you too."

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  1. OMGoodness - I always knew Evan would be a romantic :). He is truly one of the most thoughtful little boys (I mean young men) I've EVER met. Thanks for warming my heart with your story Naj. Your family rocks :)