Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Do men have "that time of the month?"


They have a monthly hormonal ebb and flow -- like a sine wave. Remember sine and cosine waves from math? I suppose it could be a cosine wave...

Regardless, my five men seem to be on the same wave. Their cycles are in sync. Peak testosterone times bring two things: aggressiveness and love. The first is illustrated by lots of hitting, on the cusp between playful and harmful, running around the house using outdoor voices, and wrestling that always results in someone crying. Hubby does not hit anyone, but does have a tendency towards his outdoor voice. 

The love comes with touchy-feely-lovey stuff. I am the recipient of this. Kids wanting to cuddle, hug, smooch me. That includes hubby. I walk into the house and all of them surround me. These are the days I go shopping for long periods of time. 

Low testosterone times bring rapid emotional changes. One moment joking, then mad, then someone is running to their room in tears. While hubby does not run in tears... he does run to the basement to console himself with the big screen TV. Again I find the mall an ideal safe-haven.

As far as my time of the month? I don't have time to notice it anymore.

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