Friday, March 26, 2010

25 or 64

Ethan and Zayd sing a lot.

Mostly in the bathroom and in the car. Apparently those spaces are quite inspiring.

Zayd's genre of choice for the bathroom is opera. Just made-up opera kind of singing. And he's not in the shower.

I'm not sure what that's about.

The other day as I was driving them to school, Zayd was singing in the back seat. I could swear he was signing 25 or 6 to 4...

That can't be right. How does he know that song? Chicago? Zayd? He's 9.

Zayd: (singing) Feeling like I ought to sleeeeep! Spinning room is sinking deeep. Searching for something to saaaay. Waiting for the break of dayyyy. 25 or 6 to 4.... 25 or 6 to fouurrrrrr orrrrr orrrr!

He includes the horns...

omg. It IS Chicago.

Me: Zayd? Are you signing 25 or 64?


Zayd: You mean 25 or six TO four.


Yes. He knows what he is singing.


I am surfing the net another night in the peace and quiet of my bedroom...

(I actually get to be on the computer and NOT write a paper... how lovely it is....)

Ethan's voice comes from the boys' bathroom; singing:

Ethan: If everyboooody had an ooooo-cean... in the U-S-Aaaaaaaaa! If everybody had an ooooo-cean...
on the U-S-Aaaaaa...

He sings this over and over...

And while the words aren't quite right - the tune is most definitely the Beach Boys...

He comes bounding into my bedroom... in only underwear... of course.

Me: Ethan. Where did you learn that song?

Ethan turns red.

Ethan: No where.

Me: Oh. Well it sure is a nice song. I love it.


Ethan: I wasn't singing anything.

Me: Oh. Okay.


He lies next to me with his face turned away from me...

Ethan: (whisper singing) If anybody had an ooooo-ceannnn... in the U-S-A...

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