Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cheap toilet paper and other inappropriate dinner conversation....

Occasionally I wonder if there are other families who have dinner conversations like ours does. Or is it a result of having four boys under the age of 15 at the dinner table?

Tonight's dinner conversation:

Ethan: Uhm... do any of you fart a lot because I do.

Everyone turns to look at him.

Me: Okay. Sooo... you mean you always fart, or today you farted a lot.

Ethan: Yeah. Today I did. I had beans.


Me: Hmmm... and how did that go over?

Ethan: (scrunches up his nose)... Uhm... kinda bad.

Evan: Oh my gosh! Can I tell you that no one. NO ONE should ever use the stall in the bathroom at Carl Ben (middle school).

Zach: (sarcastically) Right. Thanks for the update.

Zayd: So where do we poop? In the urinal?

All the boys start laughing. I just look over at Paul and sigh.

Ethan: (begins giggling) Ewwwww!

Zach: Why shouldn't we use the stall?

Ethan: Because the toilet paper is like two of the thinnest sheets of tissue paper ever - glued together. And it sticks to your butt on contact.

Me: Wow. Thanks for that Evan. We are eating.

Evan: I'm sorry! But it is awful!

Zach: You are just comparing it to our soft and quilted Charmin.


Zach: Which by the way is very nice stuff. Quite comfortable and cushiony.

Zayd does his snort laugh.

Paul: We're not using Charmin anymore.

Zach: We're not?

Me: No. We've downgraded - to Food Club.

Zayd: We're using Food Club toilet paper?

Me: Yes.

Paul: I think it is better than Charmin.

Zach: Wow. I couldn't tell the difference.

Paul: Actually I think it is Charmin, repackaged.


Ethan: Uhm... I really farted a lot today in school mom. A lot.


Me: And how did you feel about that?


Ethan: Not so good.


Ethan: I am doing it now too.


Ethan: Excuse me.

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  1. laughed my head off. i love your family....