Thursday, March 11, 2010

One tiny little story

Okay, okay... One tiny little story for E.F. who requested one...

As you all know, the dissertation writing continues. I have "writing central" set up in the lower level of my parents condo.

Both my parents have their Ph.Ds and are excited that I will be getting mine soon. Particularly my father.
He wants me to get done, because he thinks if I don't finish up for a May graduation, it will never get done... which is probably right but anyways...

He's excited.

And he's sentimental.

So this past Monday night I was writing until 2:30 am... which was stupid because I had to go to work the next day, and I'm not 19 anymore.... so I'm not sure what I was thinking...

But my dad - now HE was thinking.

At 1:45 am he came downstairs in his white undershirt and boxers... and his little fuzzy baby blue slippers that I have mentioned before that are really my mother's but he still wears them...

One thing you need to know about my dad is he is very particular about his weight. (Have I mentioned this before?) He weighs himself every day and if he goes over 145 lbs, he goes on a diet which means he only nibbles on Little Debbies. He also has chicken legs... which I inherited.  ANYHOW... he comes downstairs...

And he has his camera.

He is taking pictures of me. Writing. At 1:45 am.

Then he takes pictures of the clock.

THEN he tells me not to look at him (maybe because he finally realized he was standing there in his boxers and undershirt)

and then he stops and looks at the camera to see the pictures and says smiling...

"We are going to save these so we can remember how hard you worked on your dissertation."

And then he shuffled back up the stairs to bed.


  1. I've never met him, and I adore your dad. I'd like to think that's how my dad would have reacted me being in your situation.

  2. Aww. I like the way he recorded the struggle.