Monday, December 13, 2010

Fossilized treats

7-year-old Ethan and 10-year-old Zayd were in my bedroom talking Christmas gifts when 15-year-old Zach  storms in holding up a Little Debbie Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich - with two bites taken out of it.

Little Debbie Oatmeal Cookie Sandwiches are two soft oatmeal cookies (made with loads of Crisco) with a Crisco-based frosting slathered in between...

It's his favorite treat. And I purchased a big box of them to keep in his room - otherwise the box is gone in 5 minutes.

Zach: Okay. WHO took two bites out of this Little Debbie and then left it in my room?!

Zayd and Ethan's eyes grow wide... I can see the wheels turning. They are either trying to remember if they were the culprit, or trying to figure out how they will lie themselves out of this one.

Zach: Seriously? Who did it? Which one of you?!

Zayd: I didn't!

Ethan: I did not eat your Little Debbie. I swear it was not me!

Zach: Right. (he says sarcastically) I'm SURE neither of you were in my room digging around my stuff.

Zach's brothers do, indeed, go into his room and dig around for stuff. They dig because there are clearly treasures to be found in the piles - like Little Debbie boxes filled with Crisco-laden oatmeal treats. They've also found money, cologne, and underarm deodorant - which they seem to like. And they dig because it's probably fun. I mean you walk into this bedroom full of piles of stuff - who knows what you'll find next. It's the best archeological adventure ever - right in their own home.

Ethan: I did not eat it Zach!

Zach: It's not even that anyone ate it. Really. I don't even care. But one of you took TWO bites and just left it there?! Why? Why do you guys do that! What a waste! Just eat it!

Zayd: I wasn't in your room today.

Ethan: Me neither. I wasn't there today,

Zach: Oh, this clearly happened a while ago.

Zach holds up the Little Debbie and knocks on it with his knuckles...

...and it sounds like he is knocking on a door.

Zayd: Oh my gosh! (he starts giggling). It's like a rock!

Ethan: Do that again! (laughing)


Zach: Stop going into my room.

He marches out.

Now watch... they'll go in again...
He's just given them another reason to dig for fossils...

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  1. I'm kind of surprised there wasn't a CSI-style attempt to match mouth impressions to the bite marks. Or is that the sequel?