Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Game of Life

Tonight Ethan, Zayd and I played the "Game of Life."

They've learned some good lessons from our previous games together. Now when someone lands on "Get Married," Zayd, who is always our banker says, "Do you WANT to get married? If so, do you want to marry a boy or a girl?"

Ethan got upset when Zayd first said he didn't want to get married.

Ethan: You aren't getting married?! That's lame!

Zayd looks at me and laughs

Zayd: Why is that lame?

Ethan:  Because then you are going like be all by yourself in your house.

Zayd: Well.. you don't have to marry someone...

Ethan: Well, I don't want to adopt a wife!

During our game we also get to choose whether or not we have kids - even if we land on a "Baby!" spot. Ethan, however, takes a lot of pride in marrying a girl, and having lots of kids. He usually ends up with a car full.

Ethan: I had the most kids again!

Zayd: You don't want that many kids...


Zayd: Aaaaannnnndddd I'm going to find out why on Friday.

It took me a second to get this. Then I realized that this Friday he is getting "The Talk" at school.

Me: Ohhhh!

Zayd: It took you a while to figure it out didn't it?!

A bit later in the game, Zayd got twin boys...

Zayd: Oh! 


Seeing there were no boy figures to put in the car... Zayd said...

Zayd: Well... it looks like they were born with girl parts.

At the end of the game, we all read our "Life" cards aloud -- the achievements we made. Zayd had done everything from become president to cure cancer...

Zayd: I also found a solution to population!


Zayd:  And it isn't killing everyone.

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