Monday, May 11, 2009


Oh my God. My 14-year-old thinks I am stupid.

He shows up at my bedside tonight while I'm writing my paper and hands me a blank piece of computer paper.

Zach: Will you sign this?

Me: Huh?

Zach: Will you sign this?

Me: Why do you want me to sign a blank piece of paper?

Zach: Because.

Long pause. We stare at each other.

Me: Uhmmm.... no.

Zach: Why won't you just sign it?

Me: Because.


Zach: Fine. I forgot to bring my permission slip home for a field trip. I need to bring the permission slip in tomorrow or I can't go.

Me: Ooooooo-kay. Sooooo... why am I signing a blank piece of paper?

Zach: So I can see how you sign your name and I can forge it on the permission slip tomorrow.

Is he kidding me?

Zach: I'll tear it up right after I forge it!

OK. High marks for me on open communication with eldest son. Low marks on ethical standards.

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