Saturday, October 9, 2010

Being gay

Ethan: Mom! Evan called me gay!

Me: Then Evan doesn't know what gay means. Gay isn't a bad word. You know that don't you?


Ethan: I think so...

Me: Do you know what gay means?


Ethan: Uhm... it's sumpin' with two boys?

Me: Well... kinda. It's when two boys love each other so much that they want to spend the rest of their lives together and get married. They love each other so much that they love to hold hands, and hug and kiss and be together - and have kids together if they want to...


Ethan: Oh.


Me: Gay is another word for homosexual.

Ethan: Oh.

Me: And there is nothing wrong with the word gay, or being gay. So for Evan to think he is calling you something bad is wrong. I'll have to talk to him about that.


Ethan: Mom?

Me: Yes?

Ethan: I think I am gay.

Me: Oh really? Why?

Ethan: Because I love my bruh-ders a lot.

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