Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life Lesson Question #1

Hanging out in the kitchen after dinner, Zach asks...

Zach: Okay - Life Lesson question. So how do you know if it is okay to use something if it is a couple days past the expiration date?

Paul: It depends on what it is. Canned food is usually good for a while, but you have to be careful with meat and some dairy products.


Zach turns to me.

Zach: I also got a life lesson today on how to change a car's headlight.

Me: (dryly) Good for you. Special time with your dad.

Zach: Yeah.


Zach: Dad, so you know how to change a tire too?

Paul: Yup.

Zach: Do you mom?

Me: Nope. That's what OnStar is for...

Zach laughs and Paul gives me a disapproving look.

Zach: Then what happens when OnStar expires?

Me: Then dad does it.


Zach: There is seriously - so much for me to learn how to do. How am I going to learn how to do all this stuff?


Zach: Will I be able to just call home and ask?

Me: Oh... of course.


Me: Or you could do what I did.

Zach: Marry someone who knows how to do all this stuff?

Me: Yyyyy-up.

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