Saturday, September 19, 2009


A few months ago I was telling a friend about how wonderful my husband Paul is... and he said to me (my friend), why don't you blog about that?

I had never considered it before. And, I didn't seem to have the time for it - my kids do so many funny things, I tend to focus on blogging about them. 

But I have found myself thinking a lot lately about what makes Paul so special - so, he deserves a entry. 

I have never, and know I will never meet anyone as loyal, hardworking, honest, unpretentious, gentle, patient, and completely dedicated to his family as Paul. 

His priorities are in this order: 
1. Me
2. the boys
3. our parents
4. our siblings and their families
5. his job, the company he works for and his employees.

 He never swears and the words he chooses are kind. He has never tried to hurt my feelings - even when he is frustrated with me - and believe me, I can be frustrating.

His job is important to him. It is his way of providing what he sees as a comfortable life for all of us. Oftentimes it overwhelms him and he brings work issues home - but he often says it doesn't take too much to step back and realize that the job is not as important as us.

He said something very sweet to me today - "I often think about my life when I was single, working, and living in that little apartment in Grand Forks - thinking I would never get get married and have children. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I think about how lucky I am to have you." He tells me all the time that what he cares about is my happiness. I'm a lucky girl to have him.

When he has free time, he spends it with us. The only thing he really likes to do on his own is go to a store like Menard's - and even then, he'd probably love it if I joined him.

I don't have to write "honey do" lists... because he does it all.... today I woke up late and came down the stairs to find him on his knees cleaning the guest bathroom because, "it stinks" as he put it.

I feel a little guilty being married to such a hardworking guy. He likes to accomplish tasks. He grew up in a family where being idle was a sin... I love being idle. LOVE IT! Sometimes he reminds me of my mother. When I was young, I'd wake up on a Saturday morning, listening to her clean and vacuum, and just think to myself, "Can we just relax today?!"

He is physically strong. He's 6'6, and trim - but man o' man is he strong. I can't believe what he can lift and carry by himself! He is logical, calm, and steady. EXACTLY the opposite of me... I joke that he is my VOR - "Voice of Reason."

He is also damn smart - remembers everything he reads, and can figure out how to do anything he sets his mind to... if the washing machine is broken, he fixes it. If the water heater isn't working, he figures it out. We have never hired a repair person for anything. He built a mudroom for me, redid our entire kitchen, put in hardwood floors in our sunroom... oh and built a beautiful deck for his grandparents lake cabin.

Even more impressive is what he's accomplished at work. About 12 years ago he started a new job with Forum Communications and put the newspaper on the web. He did it all by himself. He read programming manuals and he wrote the applications and he did it. That boggles my mind. He had NO computer background whatsoever! He is a journalist. Today he is vice-president of new media for the company. He moved up through hard work and dedication to his company. He is a great manager, leader and visionary.

He loves to be outside. He loves movies, popcorn, cycling, camping, canoeing, plays, music, television, news, politics (government, not work), his garden (veggie and flower), and being at the lake. I'm not a great fan of movies, but fortunately he now has four boys who love them. He loves to read, but doesn't always have time - I suspect as we get older and the kids move out, he'll be doing more. He does NOT LIKE to argue. Which can kinda be a problem because I grew up in a family where arguing is an Olympic sport. I've made him a little more argumentative, and he's made me a little less.  He is a great cook. I swear he can make a great meal out of whatever is in the cupboard. I am hopeless at that. However I excel at making a huge mess when trying to organize things, being distracted, starting projects and not finishing them, folding laundry and determining what clothes belong to what child. I am also funny.

Is he romantic and sensitive and kind? Yes - all of the above - but I won't talk about that because his Norwegian sensibilities would be embarrassed. But I can say that I find him incredibly handsome - blond hair, the bluest eyes - and his height. Something about being married to a tall man... can't exactly explain it. AND... he looks amazing in a suit. 

Oh - and his voice! He has a deep, deep, soothing, smooth and silky voice. I love the sound of his voice. 

I think our outer shells are opposite, but our inner selves are similar -- meaning I wear my feelings on my sleeve, and he doesn't - but we feel similarly about things, events, and people.

Not to long ago we were taking a walk around our neighborhood when we spotted another couple that we really didn't want to stop and talk to... We both kinda moaned and together came up with a plan to avoid any chit chat... then Paul said, "Wow... apparently we can only tolerate each other! Good thing we found each other!" It's true.

We also have the same values - family first. I couldn't be with someone who didn't want my parents or siblings in their lives. And I want his family in our lives. When his parents moved to town, we were delighted... when my parents moved to town.. well... after the initial shock, we were delighted. ;) He is considerate to my parents (they live just down the street from us). He's the kind of guy who will say, "I invited your parents over for dinner" - and he'll make dinner.

I think that's about all for now. -- Oh. One more important thing. He and I have four funny, handsome, healthy and intelligent boys together.

Let's face it - this blog wouldn't be possible without the contributions of Paul Amundson. ;-)

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  1. This may not have been your funniest post, but it's positively beautiful. Thanks for sharing.