Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tears of Joy

This conversation happened at the dinner table last night:

Me: So what happened at school today, everyone?

Zayd: Well... I started crying at lunchtime.

Me: Oh no! Why? What happened!

Zayd: Well... the school talked to us about selling coupon books so we can get new playground equipment.

Me: Oh. So did that make you kinda nervous or something? Did you cry because you were scared to sell coupon books?


Zayd: No.


Zayd: They were tears of joy.



Me: Uhm... okay. What are you talking about?

Zayd: Mom. You WON'T believe what I can get it I sell the most coupon books! The prizes are HUGE. They are AWESOME!

Evan perks up.

Evan: Like what?

Zayd: Oh my God. I can win a computer...

Evan: What?!

Zayd: It gets better... I can win and X-box...

Evan: Are you kidding!?

Evan's getting more excited. And now Ethan pipes in.

Ethan: Yes! I can too! I can sell coupon books too! I'll show you the prizes book.

Zayd: You can win a Wii.


Zayd: A Wii. A WII! Seriously!

Now everyone is way too psyched up. My Zayd? Zayd who is so shy has now been swept away by greed - it is not about working towards playground equipment - it's for a Wii.

Zayd: Mom? Will you come with me to sell books?

Before I can open my mouth...

Evan: I'll go with you!

Zayd: Okay! Let's go now.

Evan: Okay.

Ethan: I want to go too!

Evan: Okay, we'll all go.


Evan: Can we mom?

Paul: I don't know if we should have them go door to door asking for money. This week while you were gone I seriously had 5 kids stop by asking for money.

Me: All the more reason to go out and ask their parents for money!

I love sales. I did Mary Kay for 6 years - the whole prizes thing totally speaks to me.

Zayd: And all I have to do is sell 5 coupon books to get a little basketball and hoop.

I look at the catalogue....

Yup - looks just like Mary Kay. Sell gobs of product and earn a prize worth 40 cents.

Zayd: Mom. I have faith in myself.

O.M.G. - I can't believe my Zayd just said that.

Me: Zayyd! That's awesome! I am so glad you feel that way about yourself. I have faith in you too! You can do it! You can do whatever you set your mind to! (Holy... I am now sounding like a Mary Kay consultant again)...

Zayd: I know. I'm going to do it.

So off the three of them went. Evan organized the materials, Ethan went along as eye-candy (who can resist a very cute 6-year-old), and Zayd was going to do that talking. Which actually surprised me because like I said, he is really shy.

About a half-hour later they came back having sold four coupon books.

Zayd: Mom - I did it. I only have to sell one more to get a basketball hoop.

Me: That's great honey. I am really proud of you.

Zayd: And I already think I sold it because the neighbors in the blue house told me to come back tomorrow.

Me: Great.

Zayd: But mom?

Me: Yes?

He holds up an envelope that has on it in large print "Money Envelope"

Zayd: Why does this say "money envelope?"

Me: uhhh... because it is to hold the money you get from people?

Zayd: It should say "SAVINGS" envelope.


Zayd: That really bugs me. I don't know why they say "Money" when it should say "Savings."


Me: Does it matter?

Zayd: Yes. It bugs me.

Me: Okay - let's just focus on what you accomplished tonight - let's not focus on the envelope and what it says. Okay?


Zayd: That's kinda hard for me to do.


Me: Yeah. I know it is. Try.

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