Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ethan and the Mummy

Evan, our 12-year-old, created a sarcophagus with a mummy for a social studies project.

Paul and the boys went to the local hobby store to get a doll to mummify.

And Ethan seemed to... well... bond with the doll? Protect the doll? Frankly, we still aren't sure what was going on in Ethan's mind regarding the doll.

We're not sure if it was with the doll itself, the mummification process, or what.

While they were at the hobby store, Ethan insisted on holding the doll. She was a brunette. Perfect bow red lips and blue eyes... about 36-24-36. She had a sort of 1950s innocence about her...

expect she was naked.

So Ethan held the doll... I'll call her Bonnie... around the store and in the car. They stopped at another store and Ethan was told that Bonnie could not accompany him. He chose to hide Bonnie in the pocket of the front seat.

As soon as they got back in the car, Bonnie was in his hands again. Safe.

Paul said when they got home, they pulled out the gauzy roll of material he had found and began wrapping up Bonnie, from the feet up.

Ethan was sitting right next to them, watching carefully.

Then, they got to Bonnie's chest.

When her 36 inch chest was wrapped with gauze Ethan let out out a big sigh.

Ethan: Oh...(sigh of relief). You FINALLY covered her up. I have been waiting!

... and he walked away.

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