Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nana's English Remix

My mother mixes up a number of English words.

Today, my parents came over for dinner. At the table, Zayd, our 9-year-old, told them that he is learning how to juggle.

Nana: So he is a gigolo?


My dad is sitting across from her, and as usual, offers no reaction. I stare at her wondering where to go from that point.

Me: Noooooo... He's a juggler.

Nana bursts out laughing. She looks at me and asks...

Nana: What is a gigolo then?

About 5 million thoughts dart through my brain in a matter of seconds... before I can respond.... my mother looks at my father and asks...

Nana: Do I know what a gigolo is?


Papa: Yes.


Nana: I do? How do you know I know?


Papa: I know because I say it is so.


Paul: And then God spoke... and it was so...

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