Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rooftop Toast

Another gorgeous day in Fargo - We have been enjoying an AMAZING April. 72 degrees, no wind.... nice and warm in the sun.

A perfect day to toast bread.

I am taking a short break from making revisions to my diss (argh). My mother is over and we are lounging on the patio, chatting... when I notice Zayd, 9, standing by our garden shed...

And there is something taped to the roof...

Me: Oh my God, mom. Look over there at Zayd.

My mother turns around.

Mom: WHAT is he doing!

Me: I think he is trying to cook something.

Mom: Oh my Gaad! Your kids are something else! Where do they learn these things?

Me: Zayd! (I yell over to him).

He ignores me.

Me: ZAYD!!!!

He still ignores me. His hands are on his hips and he is carefully inspecting whatever it is he is cooking.

Me: Zaaaaaayyyyyyddddddoooooooo!

He whips around.

Zayd: What!

Me: Whatcha doing!


Zayd: I'm toasting bread!

Of course he is.

Me: What are you toasting it on? Is that aluminum foil?

Zayd: No! It's wax paper!


Mom: Zaydo! It will probably melt! You should use aluminum foil!

We are still yelling across the yard. We have a big yard.

Zayd: I know! But we didn't have any aluminum foil! We just had wax paper!

Mom: (to me) It's going to melt.

Me: Oh well....

A little while later, the wax paper is gone, and so it is the bread.

Me: Zayd? Did it work? Did you toast the bread?

Zayd: Kinda.

Me: Did you eat it?

Zayd: Part of it.


Zayd: But I dropped it on the ground.

Ethan pipes in

Ethan: I did! It worked! The bread was really hard and kinda brown!

Hummm... the roof is brown...

And so is the ground.

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  1. Hmm . . . I wonder where YOUR kids come up with these crazy ideas?

    Don't worry, though: Zayd will probably end up making some invention that makes him a trillion dollars.