Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ice cream always helps

It's been an emotionally and physically exhausting week at work for me. It feels like I have lived through a month's worth of experiences in just four days.

After four consecutive 12+ hour work days, I have stumbled into the house each night into the arms of my loving and ever-supportive husband. It is times like these that it's great to be married to someone who understands and appreciates what you do for a living.

My kids have been curious and confused by what has been going on...

Ethan: Why are you always so late! It is bedtime!
Zayd: Do you like work THAT much?
Evan: You look tired mom. You are going to get sick.

And Zach is curious about the politics of academia... and worried about my worries.

Last night I came home - absolutely wiped out and just plopped on my bed in a daze.

Zach: So... are you just going to stay in bed?

Me: Zach. I'm really, really tired. Yes. I am going to stay in bed.


Zach: So... are you depressed or just tired?


Me: I don't know.

Zach: How can't you know?

Me: I can't really think at all right now. I'm just.. blank.

Zach: Well... Are you worried?

Me: Maybe.


He stands there shifting from foot to foot - not sure what to say.

Me: Don't worry Zach - I'm fine. I'm just super tired.

Zach: Well... I don't want you to be worried or depressed or anything.

Me: I know... it's okay. Really. I am fine.


Zach: I know what will make you happy...

Me: What?

Zach: Culver's. Ice cream always helps.

I think he is going to make a fine husband one day.

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  1. Having had our flight to NYC today canceled (and replaced with a late morning flight tomorrow - which cuts my weekend in the City by almost 24 hours), Christopher and I came home and had pizza and ice cream for dinner. Zach was definitely right.