Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm a drunken sailor...

Last night the boys were in prime form. Dinner was a series of one-liners that I couldn't keep track of, but left Paul and I wondering where the heck these children came from...

After dinner, they cleaned up the kitchen.
And sang songs.
Innappropriate songs.

It kinda reminded me of the dwarfs all whistling while they worked... but...
kinda not.

Zach started things off with the rousing: "I'm a drunken sailor man..."

Zayd and Evan joined in ... and soon after - Ethan was singing it.

All of them: I'm a drunkennnn saaaaillllor maaan! I'm a drunkennnn saaailllor mann! You're a drunken sailorrrr mannn!

Over and over and over again.

Me: Knock it off! Don't teach Ethan that kind of song! Where did you learn that?

Zach: We are doing it in band.

Me: What?!

Zach: We are playing it in band. It's really cool - the trombones can hit this really low note - even lower than I can sing. Which isn't actually saying much since I haven't hit puberty.

What the hell does puberty have to do with this?

Me: You are telling me you are performing a song about a drunken sailor in school?

Zach: Yeah.


Public schools.

Me: Well don't sing it here - Ethan doesn't need to learn it.

Zach: Fine.


Zach: (singing) Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me. Don't cha? Don't cha?

The rest of them join in. Including Ethan.

Paul: Okay - that's enough. Your mom and I are going on a walk. Finish cleaning the kitchen.

Me: And stop singing that! Don't teach your brother that song!

Zach: Why not?

Me: Because he will sing it in his first grade classroom! He doesn't know any better!

Zach: Ahhh... good point.


Zach: (singing) I'm too sexy for my shirt. too sexy for my shirt... too sexy yah...

Ethan: I'm! Sexy in my shirt! Sexy for my shirt! I'm sexy yea!


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