Thursday, October 29, 2009

Talking in my sleep

I scared the shit out of Paul last night.

I woke both of us up from sleep by yelling at the kids in my dream.

I was dreaming that Ethan and Zayd decided to cook some stuff in the oven. I remember it clearly: A container of Yoplait Yogurt (peach flavored - my fav btw), a huge package of Kraft string cheese, a bag of ice and then something that looked like a pot roast.

I open the oven and see the Yoplait on fire and the plastic covering the string cheese burning, and the ice melting (and the plastic holding the ice melting) and the roast... cooking.

I am trying to blow out the fire - unsuccessfully. And I remember thinking - where is the damn fire extinguisher?

Zayd and Ethan are standing behind me.

Zayd: What are you doing?

Me: I'm trying to keep our house from burning down!

Ethan: Don't wreck our cooking!

Me: YOU DON'T COOK Yogurt, string cheese and ICE!

I keep blowing.

Me: Now you boys stay here. When I get this cooled off, you need to help me clean out the oven.

and this is where is gets kinda weird...

Ethan: But I need to go watch what Buffy says to Mr. French.

See what I mean? 

At this point in the dream, I remember getting really angry and taking a deep breath so the boys would be able to hear me yell.

Me: I don't care WHAT you want to do!

That was the line I did say out loud. Well... I actually yelled it. For real. Out loud at 3 am.
I heard myself but I wasn't sure if I heard myself in my dream or for real. But that only took a few seconds to figure out because Paul said...

Paul: Naj? Are you okay?

Me: I was yelling at the boys.

Paul: Yeah. I know.

His voice sounds like a therapist. So soothing...

Me: They put a Yoplait yogurt, string cheese and ice in the oven and they were trying to cook it. It was burning.

Paul: Oh. Really?

He still sounds like a therapist. God, I never noticed that before...

Then I realize I AM awake.

Me: I'm awake aren't I.

Paul: Yes.

Me: Oh my God. I am so sorry! What the heck! Did I scare you?

Paul: Uhhmmm... well. It was kinda creepy. (he's laughing)

Oh my God. I gotta start yelling at those kids for real so I don't do it in my dreams. For Paul's sake.

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  1. I'm laughing so hard I have tears coming down my face. I also talk in my sleep and my spouse talks back, but I hate it when I wake both of us up. lol