Monday, July 6, 2009

Another boob story

I'm not entirely sure I should post this. But, since I haven't filtered any of my family stories thus far... I figure... what the heck.

Ethan is a boob-man.

Yesterday I was putting Zayd and Ethan to bed. I sat on Ethan's bed and rubbed his tummy while Zayd chatted away.

Ethan was rubbing my tummy. 

Next thing I know, he is rubbing my right boob.

I promptly removed his hand and placed it on the bed.

Two seconds later, he is cop'n another feel. This time, I addressed it directly.

Me: Ethan. Don't touch mommy's boob. That's my boob - not yours.

He bats his long eyelashes at me and gives me this innocent look. I really have to try hard not to laugh. But it is so weirdly funny - maybe it was the way he tried to sneek it in... maybe it was his smirk. I don't know. The kid just makes me laugh.

He does it again.

Me: ETHAN! I'm serious. Don't do that.

Ethan: Why? I want to.

Zayd: (snorts out a laugh and rolls his eyes).

I suppose if you room with Ethan, you've seen it all.

Me: Yes. I understand that - but this is part of mommy's body, not your body. Mommy's boobs are private. You have private parts too...

..which come to think of it, he touches freely and frequently.

So today, I'm having lunch with my husband Paul and I tell him about Ethan touching my boob. 

Me: He's almost 6 Paul. I mean, shouldn't we be over this phase by now?


Paul: Well... It's soft, it's sticking out - what's a guy gonna do.

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