Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tidbits from today

I hesitated posting so early... it IS only 5:45 pm - lots of time for more to happen. But here are some short stories from today:

The sitter tells me that World War IV broke out between the three older boys this morning. Something about lots of punching, needing to physically restrain a couple of them, gathering 8 shoes that another had stockpiled ready to whip at his brothers... and Ethan playing peacemaker. I've asked my Saint the sitter to write about it -- will post soon.

The three younger boys and Saint Sitter (as she will henceforth be known) came to the office to visit this afternoon. As I was talking to Saint Sitter, I noticed Ethan had taken my hand and was rubbing the back of it gently back and forth against his cheek. Such an unabashed display of affection! I love 5. I hope he stays like this when he turns 6 next week.

Finally, this evening I made soft-shell tacos for the boys. They could not stop raving about my tacos. I think they were just really hungry:

Evan: Mom - these are the best tacos!

Zach: We haven't had tacos in forever. These taste so good. We should have them more often.

Zayd: You make really good tacos, mom.

Ethan: You are the bestest taco maker in the whole world.


Ethan: Maybe you should work at Taco Johns.

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