Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ethan and I just made a Culver's run for the gang. Amazing how much goes on in his brain in such a short amount of time. Here is our conversation during our drive:

Ethan: Why is Culver's a little bit so far away?

Me: A little bit so far away?

Ethan: Yes!

Me: Well... it just is where it is.


Ethan: Mom. What if Culver's were next to our house? Like right by our house. And what if it were our Culver's? All ours? That would be pretty cool.

Me: That would be VERY cool.


Ethan: Mom. What if our Culver's had a trampoline inside?

Me: A trampoline? Wow.

Ethan: Yeah. That would be really cool.

Me: Yes. Really cool.


Ethan: Mom. What if the trampoline went in all different directions? Like you could go all over the place? Jumping all over Culver's.

Me: A tramp in different directions? What do you mean?

Ethan: Like a track. There was a track inside our Culver's but it was a trampoline and you could jump all over in different places?

Me: Holy.

Ethan: That would be super cool.

Me: Super cool Ethan.

And what if Culver's had a spa and delivery and even daycare? THAT would be super duper cool.

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