Friday, July 17, 2009

No surprises

Today is Ethan's birthday.

He came bounding into my bedroom at 6:40 this morning with a huge grin on his face.


Ethan smiles even bigger and turns his head away.

Me: OH. MY. GOODNESS! THE day is FINALLY here! You are six! Let me look at you. Stand far away so I can see how much you have grown.

Ethan stands super straight and he is trying hard now to hide his excitement.

Me: So did you find your first clue?

Ethan: I haven't started yet. 

Me: Well.... let's get this party started boyfriend! Let's find the clue and wake up your brothers!

Ethan: I can wake up my brothers?

Me: Heellllooooo? It's your birthday! Yes.

We go into his bedroom, find his clue and wake up his brothers. The boys help him read the clues and wander around the house and yard to find them. The last clue reads: "Where you are SUPPOSED to pee." He gets that one right away. 

After gathering his pile of presents from the bathroom (which we have video of... will post later) he plops on the family room floor to open them. He starts with the smallest and works his way up. We wrap everything. Every box of candy, every coloring book. 

He finally gets to the big one.

Ethan: I wonder what this is?

The rest of us: Yeah.. I wonder. It sure is big!

He opens it up to find a remote control motorcycle.

Everyone ooooo's and ahhhhh's. 

Ethan: Is this remote control.

Paul: Yup.

Ethan: Yessss! I'm going to use it today!

long pause

Ethan looks at us sheepishly.

Ethan: Uh. I'm sorry to say this to you guys.


Ethan: I looked in dad's car last night. 

pause. We all sit in silence.


Paul: You little stinker! You already knew what it was! (smiling)

Ethan: Yes. (He's looking a bit between worried and sad. He almost looks like he is going to cry. I think it is that he is worried we'd get upset.)

Paul: So... do you like not having a surprise?

Ethan: No.

Paul: Welll... I'm going to have to get better at hiding next time.

Ethan: Well... I DIDN'T know it was remote control. 


Ethan: Let's DO THIS!

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