Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dressing in the Dark

Zayd was walking out the door this morning... Like - right out the door - coat on, backpack on, on his way to school... when Zachary noticed something strange.

Zach: Uhm... excuse me. Did anyone notice Zayd has his jeans on backwards?

Everyone looks

Indeed. Zayd had his jeans on backwards.

So - Paul takes a picture - It will probably be revealed again at Zayd's high school graduation reception which will inevitability be held in our garage in keeping with North Dakota tradition...

But I digress...

So Zach asks the obvious question:

Zach: Zayd! How did you manage to do that?

Zayd: It was dark!


Zach: But the zipper... AND the button - didn't you wonder why you had to zipper and button up in the back?


Zayd: I didn't have to button or zipper! I just went into my closet - and pulled up my pants. I didn't need to do anything!

Zach: Oh my God. What would you have done if you got to school like that!

Zayd: Well... if I noticed... I would have gone to the bathroom and switched it around.

IF he had noticed.

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