Friday, November 13, 2009

Ethan cleans

A while back, Ethan was totally focused on getting the "Special Red Plate" for dinner each night. It is a red plate that says "You are Special" on it. It has become a tradition to serve dinner on the Special Red Plate for the person who has done something special.

Ethan's quest for the red plate became a daily goal and he found the best way to earn it was to clean.

For about two weeks, Paul and I would randomly stumble upon rooms that had been cleaned up -- rather well actually.

One day the kitchen was cleaned up spotless.
The next day it was the dining room.
Another day it was the bathroom.
Then his bedroom.
His closet.

So each time it happened, Ethan got to eat off the Special Red Plate.

It was pretty impressive. Until one day... I opened the front hall coat closet.

And I found a couple of dirty pans.
And a dishrag.
And a pile of papers.
And an apple pie.
All lying on the floor among the scarves and mittens and fallen snowpants...

I stood frozen staring inside the closet... trying to comprehend what I was seeing. For a second I thought, "Maybe I am actually staring into the fridge," which of course wouldn't explain the pans, dishrag, papers, scarves, mittens and snowpants...

Me: (loudly, but matter of factly - I was still in shock). Uhmm... does anyone know why there is an apple pie in our coat closet?

pause - silence

Me: (louder) Hello! Anyone? Is anyone here?

pause - silence

I walk around the house looking for Paul who I find in the laundry room.

Me: Hey. There is an apple pie in the front closet.

Paul: What?

Me: There is an apple pie in the closet - oh. There are also some dirty pans, papers and toys in there too.


We stared at each other for what seemed like a long time - but I think it really only took Paul about 15 seconds to figure out what was going on...

Paul: Oh my God.

Me: What.

Paul: It's Ethan.

Me: What?

Paul: That's how he has been cleaning the rooms.


Me: Holy shit.

Which led us both immediately to the next logical thought: Where the hell has Ethan hidden the other messes he cleaned up?

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