Sunday, November 29, 2009


Today as I was cleaning the kitchen, the television was on a football game. Ethan was sitting eating his lunch. A commentator began yelling his opinion into the mic.

Me: Oh my God! Why is that guy yelling!

Ethan: So people can hear him mom.


Ethan: Old people, like Nana and Papa.

Me: Oh really? Nana and Papa huh?

Ethan: Yesss, because old people can't hear good. So the men have to yell so they can hear them.


(he goes on with his explanation, without prompting from me)

Ethan: Mom - you know yesterday I was at Nana and Papa's house when you tooked me there? Well. Nana was in the laundry room and Papa was in the kitchen and Nana had to yell really loud so Papa can hear her.


Ethan: Papa can't hear. So Nana had to yell a lot.

Me: So why didn't Nana just walk over to Papa so she didn't have to yell?

Ethan: Mom! She was doing her work! She couldn't go and find Papa!

Me: Oh. What was she working on?

Ethan: Her e-bay

(My mother has a thriving business selling linens on e-bay. She's a "power seller" which she is exceedingly proud of... )

Me: Oh.

Ethan: So that's why the man is yelling on TV. So old people like Papa can hear what he's talking about.

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