Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three squeezes

The boys and I have a little communication code that started because my now 11-year-old was getting too shy to say "I love you" in public.

Together we decided that three squeezes of the hand meant "I love you" - and four in return meant "I love you too."

It's a sweet little ritual that all the boys do with me... Sometimes I've got Zayd in one hand and Ethan in the other hand and we are walking through a parking lot... and I am getting and giving hand squeezes left and right (so to speak).

Even Paul and I do the "I love you" hand squeeze when we are out in public. Sometimes when we are taking a walk around our neighborhood, sometimes when we are out to dinner... sometimes even just when we are snuggled up watching television. I'll squeeze his hand three times, and he squeezes it back four.

It's never planned... it just happens. It's our family's silent but special way of reminding each other that we love each other.