Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Am I a stud?"

I'm at my parents house, working on my diss. (Well, as soon as I finish writing this entry).
They are headed out for the day to do some antiquing in Minnesota.

My mom comes down the stairs wearing a handmade NDSU green sweater.

So - let me explain the sweater. After NDSU's last president resigned, I was in the president's office and the administrative staff were cleaning out things. I notice these two substantial sweaters sitting on top of some boxes. They were really green (NDSU green), really thick, lined, and kinda cool - like 50s retro. The zip-up sweaters have NDSU knitted on the front, and a big bison (our mascot) on the back. The label says it was hand knitted by -- I don't remember.

I asked who owned these sweaters... and they told me I could have them. Right away, I thought - my mom will love these. She'll sell them on eBay for a bundle.

Well - she loved them alright. So much that she wanted them herself - to wear.

Today, she came down the stairs to where I am writing... wearing her sweater.

Mom: Do you see what I am wearing?

Me: Wow! Looks good!

Mom: Don't I look good?

(Her way of saying, "I look really good." - My mother has no self-esteem issues.)

Me: Yes. You look really good.

Mom: I have been waiting for an occasion to wear it.

Me: Oh - people are going to love it!

Mom: Yeah. Maybe they'll give me some respect. Give me good deals.

Me: I'm sure that will happen.


Me: Don't take dad out too long today. I don't want him to be in a bad mood for you.

My mom is always wanting my dad to drive her around on weekends to go antiquing. He gets tired of it sometimes. Then he gets in a bad mood. Then they argue the whole trip. Then they come back and I get to hear about it. From both of them. Today, Dad didn't really want to go -- but I told him it would be better if they left for a while so I could get some work done -- which is kinda a lie, because it is quiet when they are here. But I knew my mom really wanted to go.

Mom: Oh. He isn't in a bad mood anymore. I tickled him.

She says this while giving me a naughty look -- kinda like -- "I used my womanly wiles to get what I wanted" look.


Mom: So don't I look like a stud?

Me: You do look like a stud mom.

Mom: I know.

She starts walking away. As she goes up the stairs she yells to my dad:

Mom: Haaa-saaaan! See! Chino thinks I am a stud now. She says I am a stud.

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