Thursday, February 4, 2010

Butt squeeze

Okay. I hesitated sharing this, but then I thought - what the hell. I mean, you all know everything there is to know about my kids. What's another incident?

After I got home from work tonight, I changed into my sweats and went into the kitchen. I'm standing at the counter making myself a sandwich when Ethan comes up next to me.

Ethan: Hi Mom!

Me: Hello sweetie.

And then -- and I don't notice it at first -- like it takes me about 5 seconds before my brain synthesizes what is happening...

I feel a hand on my butt.

It's kinda rubbing my butt.

Then I feel the hand give my butt a squeeze.

I stop working on the sandwich, raise my head, and stare straight ahead into the cupboards.

Yes. Indeed. Ethan's hand is on my butt. I adjust my stance a bit to the right, away from him.

Ethan: How was your day mom?

Me: It was fine...

The hand comes back up to my butt again.

Me: Ethan? What are you doing?

Ethan: Nothing.


Me: Ethan? Get your hand off my butt.

He puts it down.

Ethan: I love you mom!

And off he goes.


  1. Najla, okay, well, I needed to go back and see which son this was, and when I realized it was your 6-year-old, that changed everything. :) Just glad it wasn't your oldest!

  2. cracks me up. just cracks me up!!!!!