Saturday, February 13, 2010

Laughing out loud

Note: NajMania is a year old! Wow. Looking forward to blogging about the year ahead!

I'm at home for the weekend with just my 14 and 6 -year old. The other men are camping.

It's been fun... and they have been funny. So, presenting Zach and Ethan's most fabulous Saturday quotes.

A couple hours after we got home from breakfast at IHop, Zach went upstairs... when he returned...

Zach: What was in that omelet I ate?

Me: I don't know, why?

Zach: Because there are a bunch of rowdy kids on the bus, but the door is stuck.


At the video store as Zach's friend, Alex was helping Ethan pick out a movie...

Ethan: Uhm... can you move away? I need some space.


Ethan has strep (he's on meds)... When he got up in the morning he found Zach relaxing and watching television.

Ethan stopped and just stared at him.

Zach: What? What's wrong?

Ethan: I'M the one who is sick!

(meaning, get off the damn chair and give me the remote. Who the hell do you think you are chillaxing at the television?)


While waiting for Alex at his house, we saw Alex's little brother playing outside - looking rather angry.

Ethan remarks...

Ethan: I think he is that way because the kids at school are mean to him.


On the way home in the car:

Ethan: It seems as though my intestines are...

We all burst our laughing so he didn't finish the sentence.


Ethan: I think my intestines have a monster in them...

IHop apparently did a number on both the boys.


It's only noon. I'm sure there is more to come as the weekend continues.


  1. Keep em coming, and congrats on the year mark!

  2. P.S. Just saw that you added me to your blog list. Thank you kindly!