Thursday, February 4, 2010

Losing your funny

I pulled the car into the garage at 5:30 pm tonight with my passengers Ethan and Zayd.

Ethan bounds out of the car. Zayd doesn't move.

Zayd: Mom?

I turn around.

Me: Yup?

Zayd: I lost my funny today.


He's baiting me. He must be. Why else would he say things like this to me?

Me: What do you mean?

Zayd: I mean I got rid of it. I got rid of my funny.


Me: Uhm... I don't follow you Zayd. I don't know what you are talking about.

Zayd: I stopped being funny today.

Me: Oh. pause. Okay. pause. Was being funny becoming a problem for you?

Zayd: Yes.

He is SO good at only answering the question asked. 

Me: (sigh). Okay. In what way was being funny a problem?

Zayd: I think the kids in school make fun of me because I am funny.


Forget that this is the same kid who went to school with star stickers all over his face. Nooooooo. That couldn't possibly be why the kids at school are making fun of him... 

Me: Hm. I see.


Me: So did it help?

Zayd: Did what help?

Good God.

Me: Did losing your funny help?

Zayd: No.

Me: So now what?

Zayd: (sigh) I don't know. I need to figure that out still.

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