Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paper Towel Tube I Love Yous

At about 8:30 tonight, I told the three younger boys it was time to go to bed. Evan and Zayd were at camp for two nights, and judging by their mood (and their father who was with them) no one had slept. Since the boys are off of school on Monday, I thought in my best interest to make sure everyone had a good night sleep. I certainly didn't want to deal with sour moods in the morning.

Coaxing them upstairs wasn't easy. Finally everyone had on their pjs and I stopped in my bedroom to drop off a glass of water for myself before going in to tuck them into bed.

I walk into my bedroom to find this carefully positioned on top of my bed:

The note says: Tis is for you mom for valin tims day. Note the arrow - in case I didn't notice the gift.

The gift was a paper towel tube decorated with an elaborate drawing and finished off with a jewel (an old earring of mine). Here's a closer look:

Paul said it thinks it looks like a totem pole.

I can't think of a Valentine's gift more precious than this paper towel tube from my 6-year-old.
Totally unexpected.
Completely heartfelt.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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