Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Facial Decorations

Zayd is an interesting character. I don't understand him. I try hard to just go with his flow... wherever that flow may take us...

This morning - it was facial decorations.

He has his coat and backpack on... ready to go to school. On his face he has star stickers (those little stars you may remember getting on your papers in grade school - yeah. Those).. he has star stickers on each cheek in the shape of a Nike swoosh. Eight star stickers on each cheek - multiple colors -- in the shape of a swoosh.

Me: Zayd. Why do you have those stickers on your cheek?

Zayd: Because I like them.


Seems reasonable. However, in  light of our conversation the night before, as I was putting him to bed - stickers on the face seems unreasonable. Zayd complained that he is made fun of in school -- "by EVERYONE." I told him I found that hard to believe...

But now I'm finding it not so hard...

Me: Are you going to wear those stars to school?

Zayd: Yes. (He says without any facial or vocal expression).


Me: Zayd. Why are you going to school with star stickers on your cheeks?


Zayd: Do I need a reason?

Oookay then.

I mean, where is a mother to go from there? Do I remind him of how he complained that he is teased in school? If I do, I risk quashing his independence and creativity. If I don't say something, I am knowingly letting him face a day of teasing.

I decide to let him be.

After school when I get home from work... the stars are gone. Now he has a mustache - drawn on with black marker.


Me: Where are your stars?

Zayd: I took them off.

Me: Yes. I see that. Why did you take them off?

He looks at me with a "are you seriously that stupid" look.

Zayd: Because I have a mustache now.

Again... I consider my options. I decide to press ahead.

Me: So... when did you take off the stickers...

Zayd: At lunch.

He left the stickers on until lunch. Good God.

Me: Did your teacher say anything?

Zayd: No.

Me: So, why did you take them off at lunch?

Zayd: I put them on my glasses. And then I grew my mustache. I looked like a rock star.

Where the hell is the teacher in all this? She doesn't care that my kid put stickers all over his glasses and sat in class that way? With a mustache!?

Okay - NOW I have to bring up the teasing thing. I mean... really.

Me: Zayd. Yesterday you complained that people are making fun of you all the time. And then you go to school with stars on your face. Did you get mad fun of?


Zayd: Well... Yes. But I knew it was going to happen. It didn't matter because I was prepared.

And there you go. This is our Zayd.


  1. Makes sense to me. I never wear stars on my cheeks because I have a goatee.