Friday, June 26, 2009


After arriving home on Wednesday night from Baltimore, I turned around Thursday morning at 6 am to drive 5 hours to Minot, ND, to make an 11 am meeting. Then, after the meeting finished on Friday at 4 pm, I drove another 5 hours back home to Fargo.

The boys missed me a lot.

This time, when I walked in the door, the three younger boys all hugged me, and no one would let go for a good five minutes. (The oldest was at a movie).

Right away the requests came tumbling in:

Are you going to the lake with us tomorrow?
Do you still have to write your paper?
When is that paper going to be done? Do you have to write it forever?
Did you buy us a present?
Why didn't you buy us a present? I made one for you. You are supposed to give me one back.
Can we have a family fun night now?
Let's play a board game.
Let's have a movie night.

I suggested that I would put them all to bed. That seemed satisfactory to them.

I was in Ethan and Zayd's room, rubbing Zayd's back.

Ethan: Mom, look at my money.

He pulls out a screw-top plastic water bottle full of coins.

Me: Wow. That's pretty impressive. 

Zayd gives a little snort-laugh.

Zayd: Ethan threw the TV clicker at me today.

Ethan: Ughhh... (big sigh) I said I was sorrryyy. Ughh...

Zayd: It hurt a lot.

Ethan: Oh nooo... Ughhhh. Sorrryyy Zayd!

Zayd: Feel the bump on my head mom.

Me: Why are you telling me about what your brother did wrong. Are you trying to get him in trouble again.

Zayd hides his smirk.

Zayd: Really mom... feel this bump.

Me: Holy cow! That is a bump!

Ethan: Ughhh...

Me: Ethan. Why did you throw the clicker at Zayd?

Ethan: Wellll... we were watching a movie and we were going to watch something different so I threw it at him to catch.


Ethan: He didn't catch it.

Zayd snorts again - holding back his laugh.

Me: I guess so. That's a pretty big miss.

Ethan: I accidentally missed.


Ethan: But mom! Look at this! You didn't look! (He holds up the bottle full of coins)

Me: Of course! I saw it! Very nice.

Ethan puts his head on the pillow and snuggles the bottle next to him.

Me: What are you doing?

Ethan: I'm sleeping with it.

Me: You are sleeping with a bottle of money? I don't think that is healthy Ethan.

Ethan: His name is Bob.

Zayd snorts again. Ethan gives me a huge smile and nuzzles the bottle.

Me: Bob?

Ethan: Yes. Look at him! Isn't he cute?

Oh my God.

Ethan: (holding "Bob" up now). He has eyelashes too.


Me: Really.

Ethan: But you can't see his head really well.


Me: He has eyelashes but no head?

Ethan: He has a head. It is small. 

Another snort from Zayd. Zayd is in a constant state of despair... like a tortured artist. He can't show me that he is laughing. That would wreck the whole tortured artist gig.


Ethan: Come and give Bob a kiss and hug goodnight!

I kiss Zayd and then Ethan... I do not kiss Bob. I start walking away.

Ethan: MOM! Bob needs a kiss!

I walk back, kiss my hand and put it on the bottle cap. Or Bob cap... or whatever.

Ethan: AND... a hug.

Me: No hugs. Bob does not get hugs.

Zayd: What should I think about mom? 

Zayd asks me this every night. He is convinced that if I tell him what to think about before bed, he will not have a nightmare. I have given him topics from birthday parties to grass. It's hard to come up with something new every night.


Me: Bob. Think about Bob.

Zayd: Ok.

Ethan: I'm going to think about Bob too!


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