Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Like mother, like son

After work tonight, the boys and I sat in the living room chatting about our day.

Zayd was on one of the smaller chairs. He was tilting it to the side, and balancing it on two legs -- something that bugs the heck out of me.

But... before I could open my mouth...

Zach: Zayd. Don't do that to the chair. You're going to wreck it.

What did Zach just say? What did my 14-year-old son who single-handedly ruined at least two of my living room chairs doing the exact same thing JUST SAY?

I whipped my head around to Zach, my mouth hanging open... and stared at him in complete disbelief.

We both paused looking at each other.

Me: Zaaachh? What did you say?

Zach looked at me for a moment, then it hit him.

Zach: Oh. My. God.

He put his hands up to cover his face and sank down into the couch.

Zayd: What?! WHAT?! What did he say?

Me: You tell me Zayd. What did Zach say to you just now?

Zayd: Uhm.... Uhm.....

Me: Can you remember?

Zayd: Uhm....

Evan: He told Zayd not to wreck the chair. What's wrong with that?

Zach: Oh my God. I cannot believe I just said that.

Me: ZAAACCHHH!!!! (Huge grin) Look at my ZACHHH!!! Look at yewwwww!!!! You are only 14-years-old! Awwww.... I am so proud of you!!! You are becoming your mother!!!

Zach: Oh my God. Oh my God. What is happening to me?

Me: You are becoming me, that's what is happening.

You lucky, lucky, little devil you....

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