Friday, June 12, 2009

Sand Boobs

Another theme emerges... 

Actually, did we ever leave the boob theme?  

During our Florida vacation, the kids and their father partook in the beach ritual of burying bodies in the sand.

Paul quickly buried our 8-year-old... then began to trace boobs on the sand where Zayd's chest would be.

Me: Oh my God! What are you doing Paul!

He just laughs.

Zayd is laughing and Ethan, the five-year-old, who already has what I would deem an unnatural obsession with boobs is giggling hysterically. 

Me: Paul. Serious. Stop that. No wonder our children are single-mindedly focused on boobs. This is YOUR fault!

Paul: I'm drawing a bikini, Najla... not boobs.

I tilt my head to the side to get a better look. 

Me: Well you aren't a very good artist. Two circles the size of watermelons does not look like a bikini.

In the meantime, Ethan decides that dad should be buried. Paul is 6 foot 6. This is not an easy undertaking. So Paul helps them dig a hole.

Zayd and Ethan work and work to cover up dad... and when they are done... 

Well... what do you think?

Ethan starts working on the boobs... complete with nipples.


I jump off my beach chair and wipe out the nipples.

Then Zayd starts working on something else...   
somewhere else...

Me: OH MY GOD! ZAYD! What are you DOING! Knock it off you guys!

Zayd: I'm drawing a bikini mom... Look - it's a triangle!

O.M.G. Am I living with four boys and a man, or five boys, or five men? I'm really not sure anymore. 

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