Monday, June 29, 2009


While I was gone the last week, some of the boys in the house forgot basic hygiene strategies such as "completing the wiping" technique, the use of toilet paper, and spaced out elements of a civilized household such as using the toilet altogether.

This became apparent as I was sorting dirty laundry after work today.

One fine piece of underwear, belonging to boy #3 or #4 -- honestly it's hard to know because oftentimes they wear each other's underwear -- had a piece of toilet paper stuck to the butt along with an impressive piece of poop... which had fossilized.

I wondered to myself... how much extra effort would it have taken to actually complete the wiping process? Further... was it worth the seconds the child possibly may have saved (by not completing the wiping process) to go back to what he was doing? And finally... wasn't it uncomfortable to have a piece of toilet paper attached to poop stuck in his underwear?

Huh. Interesting.

I continued sorting only to find another fine specimen. This time it was what appeared to be white briefs -- which were now almost 95% yellowish. I concluded that this boy, most likely #4, decided against using the toilet altogether. He must have been doing something extraordinarily fascinating. I particularly enjoyed the fact that while he couldn't find time to use the toilet, he did manage to find the laundry chute. Nice touch.

I can only imagine how long the once sopping undergarment had been amongst the other clothing in the chute...

This. THIS is why I no longer allow my laundry to touch theirs.

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  1. Awesome! Four boys sounds like an altogether different experience from three girls.