Saturday, June 13, 2009

Now the neighbors know

This morning, after Ethan crawled into bed with me at 6 a.m., we finally woke up and got ready for our day.

Now, I have no privacy in my home. None. I have come to accept that. The boys come in and out all the time. I figure at least they have grounded sense of what real women look like.

As I was washing my face and brushing my teeth, Ethan was trying to talk to his dad who was watering his garden below. The window was closed, so I opened it for him.

Me: Paaaaullll! Look uuuuupp! There's a little monkey I found who wants to talk to you!

Paul: Hi Ethan!


Ethan: Paaaullll! Look up! There's a naked mommy up here!

Me: Ethan. (sigh) What are you doing?

Paul: Reeeally?

Ethan: Paaauuulllll! She doesn't have her pants ooonnnnn!


He gives me the most devilish grin then turns to the window again.

Ethan: Paaaauuullll! She doesn't have her bra onnnnn!

Me: ETHAN! Knock it off. Why don't you leave so mommy can get dressed in peace.

Ethan: Oh! She has her bra on now Paul. But she doesn't have a shirt on.

Good God.

Ethan: Oh! She has her shirt on now.

I walk to the window and yell down.

Me: Now you have had your play-by-play of your wife getting dressed.

Paul: Actually the entire neighborhood got a play-by-play.

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