Thursday, December 24, 2009

12 hours early

It is 5:30 am...

I am in a state of complete relaxation... and about to drift off again for a few more winks... when lo and behold... I hear someone in the room... someone besides my husband that is.

Ethan: (in a loud whisper)... Dad!

Ah. Ethan. Gotta love that kid. On Monday he woke me up from a lovely dream by turning on the lights in our bedroom and announcing: "I gotta find some matching socks!"


Ethan: Dad.

Paul: (groans) Whhhaaaat?

Ethan: Dad. I want to go downstairs.

Paul: (still groaning). Then go downstairs.

Ethan: Dad. I want you to come with me.

Paul: I'm not coming with you.

Ethan: But dad. It's time to open presents.


Paul: (big sigh). Ethan. It is not time to open presents. We will open them at night.

Ethan: (beings to whine) But Daaaaaaaaddddd....

Paul: Ethan. Mom and dad do not get up before 6 am.

Well - that's not exactly true because Paul is usually up and at 'em by 5 am... but today he has off from work...

Ethan: (whining) Noooooo. It is time to open presents now.

Paul: (now awake and not groaning... headed towards barking). Ethan. Do not whine. We will open presents tonight. We do not get up before 6 am. Now go back to bed so you are not crabby all day.

Huh. Impressive summary for a guy who just woke up.

Ethan shuffles off.

A couple minutes go by... and I start drifting off to sleep again.


Paul gets up to go downstairs.

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