Sunday, December 27, 2009

3 planes or 1?

Early in the morning yesterday, my sister Yaso called me on Skype frantic.

Yaso: Please talk to Grayson will you? He said that you told him it only took one plane to come to Fargo. He will not listen to me that we need to take three planes.

Grayson is four.

Me: Uhm... I don't remember telling him that. Is this important?

Yaso: Yes. You need to tell him. He went to bed last night very angry and insistent that it only takes one plane. First thing when he woke up this morning was, "Chino said it only takes one plane." He is going to give me a lot of trouble if you don't tell him.

What was I thinking? Grayson is four - of course this is important. 

Me: Okay. Sure. I'll talk to him.

She calls him over to the computer.

Me: Hi Grayson! Are you so excited to come to Fargo?!

Grayson: Yes. And it will only take one plane.

Wow - he IS stuck on that, isn't he?

Me: Yeah... well.. Grayson... the thing is, Chino made a mistake. It will take three planes to come to Fargo.


Grayson: Three?

Grayson tilts his head slightly to the left and looks over to the right. This is a typical "look" for Grayson. A look that sorta says... "Uh. I don't like that answer."

Me: Yes Grayson. Auntie Chino made a mistake. It takes three planes. Because Fargo is far away.


Grayson: But you told me one plane.

He head is still tilted left, eyes to right... and now his pointy finger is up. 

This can't be good.

Me: Yes. I know. I told you one. But I didn't know it was three.


Grayson: So three planes take us to Fargo?

Me: Yes. Three planes will bring you to Fargo.


Grayson: So... where do four planes take me?

I had to think for a second...

Me: Bismarck.

Grayson: How about five planes?

Me: Montana.

Grayson: How about 10 planes Chino?

I am now apparently Grayson's travel agent.

Me: I think Hawaii....  But the important thing is that in three planes, you will be in Fargo. Okay?


Finger goes down, eyes go down, head returns to upright position.

Still no verbal confirmation.

Me: Grayson? Do you still love Auntie Chino even though I told you one plane?

His eyes go up again.. and he smirks.

Grayson: Yes.

Me: Okay! Well... you need to get ready then! The first plane is leaving soon! You need to get ready to come to Fargo!

Grayson: Okay!

He runs off... and as I hear his feet on the stairs he yells out:

Grayson: I still woh-ve you Chinoooooo!

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