Sunday, December 6, 2009


Paul, Zach, Zayd, Ethan and I are sitting in the sunroom early this morning chatting.

Zach, with some backup from Zayd, entertained us by reciting line-by-line, scenes from The Office and a Dane Cook schtick he heard on television.

He probably shouldn't be watching Dane Cook... I'll have to get on that one later.

I turn to Paul

Me: Is this a boy thing? I mean, repeating word-for-word movie scenes, television episodes and stuff?

Paul: Oh yeah. I was exactly the same way.

Me: Really?

Paul: Yeah. I was the class clown.


Me: You did stuff like Zach does?

Paul: All the time.

Me: Zach is funny - can you go back to that? I like that. What happened to you?

Paul: I had four kids.


Zayd: No. He got married.


  1. Hey Najla, finally found you here, too. Sorry it's taken me so long. I look forward to reading your posts and connecting with another area blogger.

  2. Hi Najla, I remember your face on the news from when I lived in the F/M area. I'm in the Brainerd lakes area now. I am also a mother of four boys. I'm so excited to link to you! I just started blogging. This post made me laugh out loud!

  3. One more thing...My boys quote Jim Gaffigan. They're funny.