Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tummy kicks

The other morning, Paul and I were giving each other a nice little greeting before getting ready for work...
the kind of greeting where you hold each other close, face to face....

And he says:

Paul: Did I just feel a kick?

Me: A kick?

Paul: Yeah. A kick.

Me: What do you mean a kick?

Paul: I felt your stomach kick me.

We looked at each other (still in each others arms)... well, more like I looked way up, and he looked way down...(he is 6'6).

The look lasted about 30 seconds.

I think I was waiting for him to wink at me, or laugh, or something that would indicate that he was kidding.

It didn't happen.

Me: Are you serious?

Paul: Yeaaah... (he looked as though he might be concerned that I might really kick him).

Me: I didn't feel anything.

Paul: Maybe it was a gurgle or something?

Me: Maybe it's a baby?

We looked at each other again... this time I think he was waiting for me to wink, giggle, or give some indication I was kidding.

I finally did.

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