Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hairy face mask

Grayson, my sister's four-year-old son, is very particular. She has told me this... but it really didn't click with me until this afternoon. Grayson wanted to go outside an play with the rest of the kids and it was about 12 degrees. He wouldn't wear a face mask... so out he went...

...and in he came within five minutes.

Grayson: Mom. Muh-why face is co-ed.

Yaso: Well, we told you that would happen Grayson. You have to wear the face mask.

So, Yaso proceeds to put the face mask on Grayson... without asking him first. WHICH... I had been clearly told on several occasions by Yaso herself, NEVER to do. You don't just put stuff on Grayson without asking his permission first.

She puts the face mask on him.

Kinda like a teapot whistle that starts off with a soft whistle and gets louder and louder... that is how I would best describe Grayson's reaction to the face mask.

Grayson: Muhhhhhhhmoooooooooooooooommmmmmmm! Muuuuuhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmyyyyyyy!
I doe wike dis! I doe wike dis on muh-why facccccceeeeeeeee! Ehssss hai-weeeeee!

Pause (big breath in)

Grayson: I doe wike dis hai-wee ting on muh-why faaaaaaaacccccceeeeeee!

Yaso turns to look at me. It's a look that says, "Oh my God. Do you see what I am dealing with?"  I, of course, offer her a sympathetic look... and then proceed to cover my mouth with my hand so I don't laugh out loud.

Interestingly enough -- I totally got what Grayson meant by a hairy face mask. It was one of those super fuzzy ones made of yarn... that had been worn so much... it kinda looked hairy. I'm sure it felt hairy.

Me: Grayson! Just hang on there lil' fella... Chino is going to find you a non-hairy face mask.

Yaso: Great. See Grayson? Auntie Chino has another face mask that isn't hairy.

Me: Yup! (I run into the mudroom and find one right away). Right here. See? (I show it to him). See? This one isn't hairy at all! It's very soft.

I proceed to put it on his head.

Yaso: Don't just put it on... he won't like it. You'd better ask.


Me: Grayson? Can Chino put the mask on your face? It isn't hairy. I promise.

Grayson: Uhmmmm. Oh-kway Chino. But I want dis off. (he takes off his hat).

Me: May I put it on now?

Grayson: Sure.

I put the face mask on his head and adjust it.

Me: There! What do you think?


He looks up and over to the left.

Grayson: Uhmmm..... I do not want dis on my face. I want dis off my face Chino.

Okay. Apparently not un-hairy enough.

Me: Okay Grayson - but it will keep your face very warm. You'll be able to stay outside and play with the boys for a long time.

Grayson: Uhmmm.... no Auntie Chino. I do not want dis on my face.

Me: Okay. (I take it off and put it back into the mudroom).

At this point, the conversation has already moved onto the next item:

Grayson: (talking to his mother). I told you I didn't wont choo to bwing deez gwobs.

Yaso: I told you you have to wear the ugly gloves because the nice gloves are not warm enough for Fargo.

Grayson: But I told you I didn't wont deez gwobs.

Yaso: That's all I got hon. What do you want to do.

Grayson: Mommmmmyyyyy will you gib me new gwobs? Peezzz. I need new gwobssss!


Yaso: (sigh). Hang on Grayson.  Mommy needs a drink

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  1. That was a great read. I'm glad others, like yourself, understand.