Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Turtles turtles everywhere...

My sister is in town for the week with her two kids, visiting from Florida. She's 2 and a half years younger than me... and smart in ways that I am not. She's got an undergrad degree in mechanical engineering, she went to Duke and got a master's in biomechanical engineering...

She's smart.

But sometimes she says some really interesting things.

Like today...

She and I took her two kids out for lunch at Culver's (well known for its fabulous ice cream). After our burgers, the two of us shared a Turtle Sundae:

Yaso: Huh. What kind of nuts are in this?

Me: Pecans.

Yaso: Ah... this must be where they came up with the name for Turtle Bars.


Me: What?


Yaso: Turtle Bars! They have pecans too. Turtle Bars must get their name from the Turtle Sundae.


Me: What?

Yaso: Turtle Bars. You've had Turtle Bars haven't you? Turtle Bars must get their name from Turtle Sundaes.

She is kidding, right?

Me: So, you're saying that Turtle Bars got their name from Turtle Sundaes. Did I get that right?

Yaso: Yea!

Wow. Wow. Just wow.

Me: Yaso!

Yaso: What?!

Here we go... 

Me: (I say this in my first-grade teacher voice) Oooooooorrrrrrr... the Turtle Sundae gets its name from the Turtle Bar.


Yaso: What?

Me: Seriously Yaso?

Yaso: What!

Me: Well, why do you think the bar was named after the sundae?  I mean... couldn't the sundae have been named after the bar?

longer pause

Yaso: Oh. I guess I hadn't thought of it that way.


Yaso: Wow. Huh.


Yaso: Wow. That was kinda dumb.

I put my head down on the booth because I am laughing... then she starts laughing...

Yaso: So we are answering the question of which came first... the Turtle Sundae or the Turtle Bar?


Yaso: Come to think of it... we also have to consider the Turtle Cheescake, the Turtle Pie, Turtle Clusters...

There's that Duke degree kicking into gear!

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