Saturday, December 5, 2009

Real Christmas Stuff

Tonight, Zayd, Ethan and I went Christmas shopping. Our mission: To find their older brothers, and cousins gifts. Our first stop was the "new" Walmart, built in the hoity-toity part of the city (and no, the neighbors were not happy about it). Interestingly enough, the sign for the nation's discount store in the hoity-toity part of town read: Walmart "The Fargo District" -- complete with mission style signage that seemed a bit more upscale.

Inside it looked exactly the same.

However, the crowd customers seemed a little less inclined to beat their children in the aisle. I may end up going back.


So we found the gifts for the older brothers -- which were not toys. This bothered Ethan quite a bit.

Ethan: So when are we really going Christmas shopping?

Me: We are going Christmas shopping.

Ethan: No. I mean really. When are we buying the real presents?

Me: Uhmm.. honey... these are the presents for your brothers.

He looked at me and didn't reply.

We checked out and got back into the car to get home.

Ethan piped up again.

Ethan: Uhm mom? I want you to buy me REAL Christmas presents.

Me: Okay. What does that mean?

Ethan: It means I don't want clothes or books or stuff like that. I want REAL presents.

Me: So what is a real present?

Ethan: Toys. I want toys. You know... toys. Things to play with. I don't want books. You can't play with books.

Me: Okay. You want toys.

Ethan: Yes. Toys mom. No books.


Ethan: Mom. Toys. Okay?

Me: I heard you.

Ethan: Promise mom? Promise real presents?

Me: I promise.

Ethan: Good.

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