Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to school in review

The boys went back to school today. Zach is a 9th grader now, Evan is in 6th, Zayd is in 4th and Ethan is in 1st. I can't believe I have one in high school and one just starting first grade. God, I was pregnant for a lot of years...

Here is what I managed to learn about their days.

Me: So tell me how was school?!

Ethan: Guuuud.

Me: Who sits next to you?

Ethan: I don't remember.

Me: What is your teacher's name?

Ethan: Teacher.

Me: Your teacher's name is teacher?

Ethan: Uh-huh.

I look at him and raise one eyebrow.

Ethan: Wewwy! It's teacher. You can call her another name too!

Me: Okay. What else can you call her?

Ethan: Another name.

Me: Yes - so what's the other name?

Ethan: Just another name.

Whatever - I know his teacher's name, I was just hoping he at least learned it. But I have to give him some slack - it is Mrs. Hrjlicka.

I'd call her teacher too.

Me: So do you think you are going to like 1st grade?

Ethan: Wellll.. There's a LOT-ed stuff to do!

Me: What kind of stuff?

Ethan: A LOT-ed stuff. In Mrs. Heggedahl's we didn't have so much stuff to do. But this teacher has a lot-ed stuff.

Me: Well that is what school is about - learning a lot of stuff.


Me: So what do you think you will like best about first grade.

Ethan: Uhm... I like that we get to go to after school part.

The best part of school is the after school program? Fabulous.

Me: What about during school. After school program is AFTER school.


Ethan: Uhm... lunch is kinda fun.



I am looking through Zayd's take home folder and I find a sheet entitled "Who are you?" He was assigned to ask "Jenna" the predetermined questions on the sheet.

Me: Hummm... If you could be any animal, what kind would you be? She said dog. Favorite type of music... huh - rap and pop. Interesting... Oh! She wants to be an artist! Just like you! And art is her favorite subject in school like you!

Zayd: (grunts)

Me: What is your favorite book?... um... American... American... (then there is a scribble on the sheet). American Girl? Probably?

Zayd: Yeah.

Me: Why didn't you write it all out?

Zayd: Because.

Me: Because?

Zayd: Because. I didn't want to.

Me: You didn't want to write "American Girl?"

Zayd: No.

Me: Why?

Zayd: Because.

(pause) I am now confused and intrigued. But Zayd does that to me a lot.

Me: There must be a reason.

Zayd: The reason is because.

Me: Did you just not want to write the word "girl?"

Zayd: (sigh)

Me: Did you not know how to spell it?

Zayd: Noooo!

Me: I don't get it.

Zayd: There is nothing to get. It's just because.

We have stare-down that lasts about 20 seconds. My face is scrunched up as if it is going to help me figure this kid out. Zayd looks at me with total blankness. He isn't going to give me any clue.

Me: Okay then.


Around 4 pm I called home to talk to the older two boys to find out how their day went. Evan sounded like he had downed a couple of Mountain Dew.

Me: Evan! How was middle school!?

Evan: Great!

Me: Everything went well?

Evan: Yup!

Me: Liked all your teachers?

Evan: Yup!

Me: Anything you want to tell me?

Evan: Nope! It's all good! I really like it!


I decide not to mess with a good thing.

Me: Okay then! Let me talk to Zach please.


Zach: (In a completely unenthused voice -- sounding like he just rolled out of bed). Yeaah?

Me: How was it?

Zach: Okay.

Me: Did you have any trouble finding your classrooms.

Zach: No.

Me: What do you think of your teachers?

Zach: Okay.

Me: Is there one you think you are really going to like?

Zach: My English teacher

Me: Why?

Zach: I don't know.


Me: Any teacher's you don't think you'll like?

Zach: Yeah.

Me: Which one?

Zach: My algebra teacher.

Me: Why?

Zach: I don't know. I just don't like her.


Me: Well give her a chance at least.

Zach: Maybe.

Me: Maybe she doesn't like you either.

Zach: Thanks.

Me: No problem.

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  1. I love when you say exactly what I'm thinking! "Maybe she doesn't like you either." Such a perfect response!