Friday, August 28, 2009


This morning was something else. I started getting phone calls for work on my cell at 7 am. Good thing I was already showered and dressed. That coupled with "the boys" made for some interesting multi-tasking.

So - I'm on my cell listening to someone from work. I have a hard time understanding people over the cell phone as it is when I am NOT distracted... let alone when I have kids walking around my bedroom asking me questions.

As I'm on the phone, one of Zach's friends calls my cell. Zach still doesn't have his cell, so now I am the conduit.

Zach walks into the bedroom.

Zach: Mom, when are you leaving?

Me: (mouthing) I am on the phone.

Zach: Okay.

Me: (mouthing) Carter called.

Zach: What? Where is my cell.

Me: (mouthing) I don't know. He called my cell - call him back.

Zach: But I don't have my cell.

Oh my God. 

Me: (mouthing) Call him back. (I point to our regular land line).

Zach: But do you know where my cell phone is? 

Me: (I give him my angry face - like ask me one more time and you'll NEVER see your damn cell phone again).

He leaves.

Ethan walks in, in his underwear - of course.

Ethan: Hi mom!

I point to the phone.

Ethan: Can you help me get dressed?

I nod yes.

Ethan then wanders into my bathroom - never a good thing.

A few moments later he is in the doorway and says...

Ethan: Uhmm... mom? I sneezed. 


I look at him like - okay. And? I am still trying to understand what the person on the cell is saying to me.

Ethan: I got boogers all over your shower.

I give him a "you've got to be kidding me look."

I cover the cell with my hand.

Me: Clean it up.

Ethan: Okay!

About 10 second later...

Ethan: (holding up a piece of toilet paper with the biggest, grossest looking booger I've seen in a long time) I cleaned it up Mom!


He admires it.

Ethan: It's weewy big - and it's got red in it!

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