Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm cleaning the kitchen and Zach and Zayd are sitting at the breakfast bar.

Zach: Dad was in a great mood yesterday.

Me: Hummm... maybe because I was gone all day?

Zayd: (very seriously). No! That's not nice to say! We love having you around! All of us do!

Me: THAT was very nice to say, Zayd.


Still at the breakfast bar...

Zayd: I have a girlfriend.

Me: Oh! That was fast. Only three days of school and you already have a girlfriend.

Zayd: (snort laughs)

Me: Well... is she a friend that's a girl or a girlfriend?

Zayd: What's the difference?

Me: A friend that's a girl - you want to just hang out with. A girlfriend you want to hang out with AND kiss.

Zayd: (blushes). No and no.

Me: Zayyyyd.

Zayd: (snort laughs).

Me: Zayyyyyd! No wanting to kiss girls yet! You can't do that until your mom is ready. I need prep time for all this!

Zayd: (snort laughs)

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