Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finding fun

Evan, 11, Zayd, 9 and Ethan, 6, game up with a game that requires Ethan to wear a helmut.

This cannot be good.

They come in for dinner and I think to myself - These three are such little boys. They are absolutely filthy. Their heads are dripping sweat, their faces are flushed, their shirts and shorts are dirty and their feet - O.M.G. - Their FEET! They look like the dirt has been ground into them. Only their hands are clean.

After dinner, the three of them dashed outside again to resume their game leaving Paul and I at the table.

Me: What are they doing?

Paul: They are pulling each other around in the wagon like speed demons.

Me: They are all barefoot.

Paul: Yes they are.

Me: I should go and see what they are doing.

Paul: I don't think you should do that.

Me: Why not?

Paul: I don't think you really want to see it.


Paul: They are making Ethan wear a helmut.

I decide I really do need to see what they are doing.

Zayd is sitting in the wagon and Evan is pulling him (barefoot), across the yard and into the neighbors driveway. At which point he whips the wagon around and pulls Zayd down the sloped driveway as fast as he can, taking a sharp turn at the sidewalk and then starting all over again.

At one point Evan advises Zayd to keep his hands in the wagon while they go by the car in the driveway. He doesn't want Zayd's hand to get ripped off.
Ethan, who is not in the wagon yet, because it isn't his turn apparently, is on the sidewalk with his remote control motorcycle -- which he has aimed and moving at his brothers as they approach him on the sidewalk.

They stop when they see me standing on the front step.

Evan: Why are you looking at us like that?

Me: I'm just watching.

Evan: You think we are doing something wrong?

Me: No. I'm just watching what you are doing.

Evan: Oh.


Me: Why are you barefoot?

Zayd: (Lifts up him foot from the wagon). I'm barefoot too.

Evan: It's easier.


Evan: It's more reliable.

Zayd: (snort laugh - and nods in agreement).

Evan: Etthhhhaaan! It's your turn! Get your helmet!



As I am sitting here blogging, I look out the window into the back yard - Zayd is pulling Ethan in the wagon, and Evan is pushing the wagon.

Again at breakneck speed...

Again barefoot.

And this time Ethan is not wearing a helmut.


I think it's just best if I walk away from the window.

I'll get my first aid supplies ready and wait for the scream downstairs.

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